August 3, 2014

Behavioural Issues

an-angry-girl-1435008-1280x960Children with behaviour issues tend to be identified in a school setting. Kids often feel pressure to perform, follow the directions of the teacher or adhere to a strict structure at school, pressure that may not be present at home. There is sometimes a “clash of culture” between home approach and school approach that can leave some children frustrated, alienated and anxious.

Typical behaviour issues seen in schools include: refusal to follow directions; inability to complete work; bullying; self-victimization; social difficulties; impulse control issues; disruptive behaviour in class; inability to concentrate; school avoidance; personal hygiene issues; fighting; vandalism.

Megan Hughes’s years of working with children and youth in behavioural settings has taught her to look for the underlying function of each behaviour. Once the underlying need is identified, it can be the case that the child’s environment can be altered to change the problematic behaviour to more adaptive ones. This work requires that families and teachers, as the case may be, be open to change as well. Megan Hughes teaches parenting strategies in order to make insightful connections within the child’s support system.