August 4, 2014


Fee Structure

Each session at Stillwater Studio is a full hour and the standard charge is $125 per hour. Most EMDR sessions are 90 minutes in length.

Individual Therapy – 60 min                         $125.00
EMDR session – 90 min                               $190.00
Telephone Consultation (per hour)              $125.00

Beyond her Master’s degree from UBC, Megan Hughes has undergone lengthy supervision with Registered Psychologists to gain valid expertise in both the area of child therapy and attachment, and the area of chronic pain. She achieved Registration with the College of Psychologists of BC, where her designation is Registered Psychology Assistant, and as a member of the BC Psychological Association. Her continued commitment to honing her skills across a range of areas provides a more complete counselling experience.

Megan Hughes is currently gaining certification in the field of Cognitive Rehabilitation, as her work with chronic pain clients frequently overlaps with recovery from sustained injuries involving memory, attention, executive functioning and social communication. Her certification is through the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine.

She has also recently begun to incorporation yoga practices in her work with clients with chronic pain and trauma. She has completely a course in Trauma Sensitive Yoga through the Trauma Centre at the Justice Institute in Brookline, Massachusettes.

Along with her previous certifications in EMDR, Clinical Hypnosis and CBT, she continues to gain certification in new therapeutic techniques to provide a broader wealth of strategies and insights to the sessions. She stays current in the knowledge in her fields, and contributes her own research to publishing journals. Her work with individuals, couples and children, whether in person or on the telephone, regardless of issue, is the same fee.

Telephone Counselling

It is recommended that whenever possible, face to face sessions are the chosen method of therapy. However, situations sometimes arise which may make in-person sessions difficult or impossible. In these circumstances Megan Hughes can offer telephone sessions to clients. Telephone sessions are also a full-hour and are the same fee.

Telephone sessions occur on a temporary basis only. If a client has moved to another city, or is unable to ever attend sessions in person, Megan Hughes can help transition by telephone until a new therapist is found, or until an alternate arrangement is made.

Sliding Scale

Stillwater Studio strives to stay accessible to the people who need help. We offer a sliding scale fee structure ranging from $85 to $125. Your eligibility is determined by the following:

Single parents:              $100 [where there is only one parent]
Students:                       $ 90 [full-time, with no support from parents]
Clients on disability:       $ 90 [with no other source of income]

All others                       $125

Pro bono Sessions

At Stillwater Studio, we also believe there are those in our society who have suffered enough to deserve healing at no charge. Megan Hughes offers a small number of pro bono appointments to:

  • street workers actively trying to leave the trade
  • survivors of torture
  • militarized children
  • refugees who have lost family members due to war
  • those who have been convicted of a crime, served time in prison, and were later proved to be innocent

If you think your situation warrants pro bono counselling, please ask. If Megan Hughes is unable to provide it for you, she will be happy to give you referrals.