August 3, 2014

Social Skills

social-skills-vancouverSocial skills are the most important skills we can have as a society. When children know how to interact with others effectively, it paves the way to success and support in their futures as adults. Imagine how hard life would be if you couldn’t get along with other people!

Children sometimes have difficulty relating with other children. It is not always a given that kids will just get along with other kids. Sometimes they don’t know how to play or interact and need some help to learn those skills. Sometimes they’ve been hurt in the past and have “shut down” to other people. Or sometimes shyness or social anxiety get in the way.

Megan Hughes has worked in the area of Social Development in elementary aged children for many years. She has run many groups whose aims were to foster friendship skills, interpersonal skills and emotional skills within and between children.

Megan helps children to learn:

  • how to deal with anxiety or shyness
  • friendship making and maintaining
  • dealing with bullying
  • assertiveness
  • boundaries
  • taking turns
  • responding to social cues
  • non-violent conflict resolution
  • leadership skills

If you are concerned for a child you care about, call Stillwater Studio at 604-734-2779 to determine if counselling is the right choice.