August 3, 2014

Parenting Support

helping_hands-2From time to time all parents need some support to understand the needs of their child. Even parents with average, successful children, issues arise that may be outside the expertise of the parents. Children don’t come with a manual!

If your child is experiencing challenges in any way, then you as a parent need support. If your child is having difficulty sleeping,  being bullied at school, getting along with others, getting along at home, stress, managing their own emotions or behaviours, or if they are having more intense issues such as learning, developing in a typical manner, eating, going to the bathroom appropriately, lying or stealing, setting fires, hurting other children, or having auditory or visual hallucinations, these are all issues that require support for your child, and also for you. You cannot be a support for your child unless you receive the support you need.

TIP: When the flight attendant on an airplane goes through the safety check, he tells the passengers that when oxygen masks are deployed parents must put theirs on FIRST and their children second. This is because parents cannot care for their children unless they have the resources they need to do so. It is the same for inner resources. Parents must find help FIRST, so that they have the inner resources to care for their children.

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